The members conclude an agreement with First Class Platinum SL. The contractual relationship thus created between First Class Platinum SL and the members is determined by these General Terms and Conditions.

1. The membership card is personal and must be shown whenever requested. In case of loss, please notify First Class Platinum SL as soon as possible, after which a new card will be created.

2. Opening and closing hours must be respected. Members must leave the center at the scheduled closing time. First Class Platinum SL reserves the right to change these hours, which will be communicated.

3. The members agree not to cause any disturbance in the center, for example fights, aggressive language or harassment of other members.

4. Smoking, the use and sale of alcohol, drugs, medicines and prohibited products is prohibited in the center. Members who do not comply with these rules will be immediately removed from the center ; the remaining time of the subscription will not be refunded.

5. Staff areas are off-limits to members. No brochures or personal messages will be accepted for display, except with the permission of the management.

6. Members may not use the center for commercial purposes, such as charging other members for personal training, without the express permission of First Class Platinum SL.

7. First Class Platinum is not responsible for theft or damage to personal items. All personal belongings must be removed from the center before closing time.

8. Members take part in the center’s activities at their own risk.

9. When training with heavy and free weights, it is recommended that a training partner be present to assist.

10. Sportswear is mandatory during training, as well as sports shoes. Food and glass bottles are not allowed in the classrooms.

11. Weights, discs, dumbbells, and other free aids must be put back into place after use.

12. Participation in group classes is according to availability and therefore you must register in advance. Access to a class that has already started is prohibited. First Class Platinum SL reserves the right to change the schedule.

13. Bookings for Personal Training are made at the reception desk. Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours in advance. If you do not show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled training, or do not show up for your training, you will be charged 50%.

14. First Class Platinum SL does not reimburse any member. In addition, unused services will not be refunded after the expiration of the membership.

15. In case of illness or long-term injury, the member can extend with the corresponding period of absence, with a maximum of 60 days. A medical certificate must be presented to management.

16. The registration fee remains valid until 1 month after the membership end date. If the contract is renewed after that date, a registration fee will be charged again.

17. The use of a towel is mandatory in the sauna and when using the fitness equipment.

18. The minimum age to sign a contract is 18 years.

19. Every 12 full months, the subscription fee will be automatically adjusted without notice according to the consumer price index as determined by ENI, the National Statistics Institute.