The partners conclude an agreement with First Class Platinum SL. The contractual relationship thus created between First Class Platinum SL and the partners is determined by these General Terms and Conditions.

1. Membership card is personal and must be shown when requested. If the membership card is lost, First Class Platinum S.L. must be notified as soon as possible, and a new card will be issued.

2. The facilities’ opening hours and closing times must be respected. Members must leave the facilities at the specified closing time. First Class Platinum S.L. has the right to change the hours.  If so, notification will be posted in the premises.

3. Members commit themselves to not create disturbances within the facilities, for example by fighting, using inappropriate language, being offensive, or by irritating other members.

4. Smoking, and the use and sale of alcohol, drugs, medicine, and illegal products are not allowed in the facilities. Members who do not follow these rules will lose their membership immediately. Unused time on the membership card is not reimbursed.

5. Members may not enter the personal areas. Members may not post flyers or personal messages within the facilities without authorisation from the management.

6. Members are not allowed to use the facilities for commercial purpose, i.e charge other members for personal training advise or similar, without special agreement with First Class Platinum S.L..

7. First Class Platinum S.L. is not responsible for loss or damage to personal belongings. All personal belongings must be removed before the facility closes.

8. Members participate in all activities at their own risk.

9. During heavy weight lifting, the facilities recommend that a training partner is prepared to assist the person who is training.

10. Members must be dressed in training or workout clothes during training and use training. Food and glass bottles are not allowed in the training facilities.

11. Weights, discs, bars, dumbbells, or other movable equipment must be laid, hung, or put back in their proper places.

12. Participation in our group training classes is subject to availability and, if necessary, reservations must be made in advance for groups classes. Entrance is prohibited into a class that has already started. First Class Platinum S.L. reserves the right to make changes to scheduled classes.

13. Bookings for Personal Training and massage treatments are made at the reception. Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If being late for a treatment with more than 30 minutes or if cancelling the same day, we will charge 50% of the total price.

14. First Class Platinum S.L. does not refund any membership. Nor will unused activities be refunded after the membership has expired.

15. During illness or injury the card holder has the right to extend the validity period of the membership for the comparable amount of time that the card could not be used. A doctor’s certificate must be provided to verify the inability to do physical exercise.

16. The joining fee is valid until 1 month after the end date of your contract. If the membership is renewed after this date, a joining fee will be billed again.

17. The use of a towel is compulsory in the Wellness and the Sauna, and when using the fitness equipment.

18. The use of a swimming suit is compulsory in the Wellness area. It is not allowed to walk with a swimming suit in the Fitness areas.

19. The minimum age for joining the club is 18 years.

20. After a minimum period of 12 consecutive months, the membership fee will automatically and without prior notice,  be adapted  based on the “Precios al Consumo”, determined by the ENI,  the  Instituto Nacional de Estatisticas.